About Semester in Australia

About Semester in Australia

Semester in Australia’s director, Ann Wadsworth has 25 years’ experience working with universities and international students. In 2008, Ann had several overseas universities asking for help with housing for their students who were about to study in Australia. And this is how Semester in Australia was born. She decided to start a housing service to help students secure their off-campus rental accommodation room before arriving in Australia. She felt this would save students the anxiety of spending weeks searching for off-campus rental accommodation and competing against other newly arrived international students.

Meet Ann Wadsworth, Director

With over 20 years of experience, Ann has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Study Abroad process in Australia. From being a study abroad student herself, to working at Australian universities, to working with American organisations and universities.

Originally from Boston, Ann was an American student who studied abroad in Australia way back in 1989. That’s when her love of Australia and all things Australian began. After her year of studying abroad she returned to Australia in 1992 to live and work. Ann spent the next 10 years working at two Australian universities as their manager of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs: Flinders University of South Australia (Adelaide) and The University of Queensland (Brisbane). These roles included traveling extensively throughout North America, South America and Europe.

In 2003, Ann began working with Dickinson College, Pennsylvania and Washington University, St Louis. Her role was the on-site Program Director for outbound students studying abroad at the University of Queensland. This included writing comprehensive pre-departure and arrival guides to assist these students with preparing for a semester in Australia.

Ann is still managing their programs at the University of Queensland to this day, looking after anywhere from 30 – 45 students each semester. Furthermore, Ann has co-presented at regional NAFSA Conferences, National NAFSA Conferences, and presented at an Australian ISANA Conference.

“I love Australia and wish every student had the opportunity to study here as it is an amazing nation, with fantastic universities that provide students with a first-class education and an experience that will last a lifetime!” – Ann

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