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In Australia, a ‘cell phone’ is called a ‘mobile’. But just like at home, it’s probably the one thing you can’t do without. To make sure you have an Australian phone from day one, organise your mobile with Global Gossip before you take off. Packages include local and international minutes, plus text and data. To put it simply, you can call home on your mobile without it costing you a small fortune.

The first step is to choose a package

Every plan we recommend is prepaid because it’s easy to keep tack of how much you’re spending. To use your mobile, simply load money onto your account. When you run out of credit, topping up your account is easy.

Regardless of how much money you add, your credit expires 6 months after your last recharge.

Order online and choose from these great packages:

Package #1

Add $50 credit or more and you’ll receive:

  • Free calls and text to other Global Gossip mobile users
  • Free incoming calls and text messages (even from overseas)
  • $50 = 400 credits to use on local and international calls and texts. 1 credit = 1 minute or 1 text

Get it now.

Package #2 and #3

Add less than $50 and we still have great rates available. Click here to check out the other packages now.

Your phone will be waiting for you when you arrive

Order your SIM or Phone and SIM online with Global Gossip and within minutes you’ll be sent your Australian phone number to give out to family and friends. You can also bring your own phone – just make sure it is unlocked from your home carrier otherwise the SIM won’t work.

To make sure your SIM is delivered in time, all orders must be placed no later than one week before you arrive in Australia. If you miss this date, you can buy order a SIM and/or handset from with your on-site Resident Director in Australia.

Get yours now

Please note, this Australian phone service is optional. More information on this service will be provided once you’ve confirmed your booking with Semester in Australia.

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